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Networked with people working for strong communities across Asia

The MPI 2012 Peacebuilding Training was an important step in my career as a young peace scholar making decisions about graduate education. The impact on my immediate work was to give me more insight during meetings with my colleagues in Palestine. The impact on my career will be much longer. The Arts Approaches to Community Peacebuilding course helped me realize that I want to continue studying these approaches but, more importantly, to keep meeting grassroots peacebuilders who use creative approaches.  Through the MPI training, I have many people with whom to network as I try to make that a reality. Although the courses were great, what makes MPI special are the attendees from across Asia, working for strong communities and good relationships. I left the conference thinking "I always want to work with people in this field!"

John Daniel Gore
Mission Intern
Wi'am Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center
Bethlehem, Palestine

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