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The MPI 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training will consist of 13 courses classified into three categories – Foundation, Thematic, and Field-Based. These courses will be taught by a distinguished roster of facilitators from Asia-Pacific, Africa and North America. Four Foundation Courses will be concurrently offered in Week 1, four Thematic Courses and one Field-Based Course in Week 2, and four Thematic Courses will be offered in Week 3. Participants may opt to enroll for just one week, two weeks or all three weeks.

The Foundation Courses lay out the fundamental parameters, approaches and processes encompassed in the field of peacebuilding. The Thematic Courses build on the foundational material by delving into particular strategic areas and focused applications. The Field-Based Courses provide learning opportunities by engaging real world communities where peacebuilding practices and initiatives are being implemented, challenged and refined. These courses will draw on the diversity of peacebuilding initiatives present in Mindanao, Philippines, and help the participants consolidate their classroom-based learning.


WEEK 1: May 7 – May 11, 2018 | FOUNDATION COURSES

From Understanding to Action: Designing Conflict Sensitive Interventions (FUA)
Joan McGregor (South Africa/United Kingdom) and Phyusin Ngwethaw (Myanmar)

Fundamentals of Peacebuilding (FPB)
Paulo Baleinakorodawa (Fiji) and Miriam (Deddette) L. Suacito (Philippines)

Introduction to Conflict Transformation (ICT)
Wendy Kroeker (Canada) and Michael Frank A. Alar (Philippines)

Mainstreaming Peace Education in Communities and Schools (MaPEC)
Orson Sargado (Philippines) and Kathy Matsui (Japan)

WEEK 2: May 14 – May 18, 2018 | THEMATIC & FIELD-BASED COURSES

Be the Change: Designing Transformative Justpeace through the Power of Nonviolence (ANV)
Jonathan Rudy (USA) and Bobet Original Dimaukom (Philippines)

Bottom-Up Transformation: Experiences and Practices of Grassroots Peacebuilding in Mindanao (BT) (Classroom and Field-Based Course)
Catholic Relief Services Peacebuilding Team (Philippines), and MPI Partners

Conflict Resolution Skills: Mediation and Dialogue (CRS)
Paulo Baleinakorodawa (Fiji) and Wendy Kroeker (Canada)

Digital Peacebuilding and New Media (DPNM)
Zon Vanel (Indonesia) and Foundation for Media Alternatives Team (Philippines)

Understanding Culture and Identity as a Resource for Peacebuilding (UCIRP)
Joan McGregor (South Africa/United Kingdom) and Baht Latumbo (Philippines)

WEEK 3: May 21 - May 25, 2018 | THEMATIC COURSES

Arts Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding (AACP)
Babu Ayindo (Kenya) and Kyoko Okumoto (Japan)

Dealing with Trauma in Times of Conflict (DTTC)
Gladston Xavier (India) and Florina Xavier (India)

Human Centered Security: Reimagining Conflict Stakeholder Relationships (HCS)
Jonathan Rudy (USA), Tala (Twinkle) Bautista and Rev. Fr. Noel R. Ponsaran (Philippines)

Interreligious Peacebuilding: Approaches for Cooperation, Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (IRPB)
Shamsia Ramadhan (Kenya), Jean Baptiste Talla (Cameroon) and Myla Leguro (Philippines)

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