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2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training

Creating a Culture of Peace

May 7 – 25, 2018
Mergrande Ocean Resort
Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, Davao City, Philippines

Please note: The 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training has been completed. Materials posted here are for informational purposes only. While there is general consistency from year to year, specifics are subject to change regarding the dates, place, cost, courses offered, facilitators, etc. We encourage you to check back toward the end of 2018 to see the details for MPI's 2019 Annual Peacebuilding Training.

Now in its 19th year as a training institute, MPI will again endeavor to create a space where peacebuilders meet in mind, heart, and spirit to keep abreast of the challenges that the issues of peace and justice present, during the MPI 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training from May 7 to May 25, 2018, at Mergrande Ocean Resort, Davao City, Philippines.

The MPI 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training will consist of 13 courses classified into three categories – Foundation, Thematic, and Field-Based. These courses will be taught by a distinguished roster of facilitators from Asia-Pacific, Africa and North America. Four Foundation Courses will be concurrently offered in Week 1, four Thematic Courses and one Field-Based Course in Week 2, and four Thematic Courses will be offered in Week 3. Participants may opt to enroll for just one week, two weeks or all three weeks.

The Foundation Courses lay out the fundamental parameters, approaches and processes encompassed in the field of peacebuilding. The Thematic Courses build on the foundational material by delving into particular strategic areas and focused applications. The Field-Based Courses provide learning opportunities by engaging real world communities where peacebuilding practices and initiatives are being implemented, challenged and refined. These courses will draw on the diversity of peacebuilding initiatives present in Mindanao, Philippines, and help the participants consolidate their classroom-based learning.
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Information Packet

Information Packet
Download the Information Packet for general information about MPI's 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training, the course listing, cost and other relevant information.

Faciliator Profiles

Faciliator Profiles
Download the Facilitator Profiles for MPI's 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Download the Frequently Asked Questions for MPI's 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training.

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