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Creating Space and Connecting People from Diverse Sectors to Build a Critical Mass of Peacebuilders to promote Justpeace through:

1. Promoting core values of the Conflict Transformation Framework

MPI, as it implements its programs, promotes its core values which include: nonviolence, multiculturalism, solidarity, transforming relationships, empowerment, culture of peace, and respect for human rights. These permeate the entire institution and its programs.

2. Building and strengthening networks among MPI participants and alumni

MPI develops mechanisms for the formation of vibrant and dynamic alumni networks in the region. Through MPI, relationships are strengthened and the web of connections is expanded to the networks of the alumni, creating a critical mass of inter-connected peacebuilders in the region.

3. Fostering south-to-south connections between peacebuilders and institutions

MPI builds relationships with peacebuilding institutes in Africa, Asia, Fiji and North America which includes sharing of human and material resources, exchanges, and other forms of collaboration.