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I have had great moments and made memorable friends at MPI's Annual Peacebuilding Training! I have attended MPI twice. Each time I was there, it was like I was walking in a fresh market that had so many things to look at and pick from. At the same time, I had to pick three significant things for me so I could make a great dinner! I have learned various tools and methods that we use to deal with conflict. The training kept expanding my horizon on how to engage people based on the dynamics of religion and culture. It was worth investing my time and money there!
Date of Posting: 26 January 2018
Posted By: Mr Vongsone Xaythanith
A Project Officer of Mittapab Group, Mennonite Central Committee; 2016 & 2017 Participant, Vientiane capital, Laos
MPI was one of the best experiences for me. I worked with an impeccable team that struck the balance between professionalism and friendliness. They really gave me a home away from home. The facilitators are amazing at what they do and every participant usually leaves at the end of the week, not only with new insight, but as a new person. This training is highly recommended for someone looking to pursue/augment their peace knowledge and network.
Date of Posting: 08 December 2017
Posted By: Babu Biko
Biko is a communications head at Community for Justpeace Practitioners- Kenya and was a photographer, videographer and class assistant of MPI 2015, Nairobi
At MPI, I was introduced to a passionate community of peacebuilders, visionaries, and life-long learners who are warmly welcoming and, oftentimes, too excited about peacebuilding to sit still. MPI taught me a lot of things – practical skills at approaching interfaith dialogue, tools for transforming conflict, and the combined art of listening with patience and acting with sensitivity, to name just a few – but most of all, MPI showed me what it means to grow in loving community together.
Date of Posting: 29 November 2017
Posted By: Harrison Horst
Student, Eastern Mennonite University; 2017 Secretariat Volunteer;, United States of America
My experience at the MPI 2017 Annual Training was unique and very different from any other peacebuilding trainings I have attended. I was able to meet people from different countries around the world and I was able to discover their cultures and traditions. As a participant in the first week, I encountered some peacebuilding tools which were new to me and were helpful in molding my young mind as a peace advocate. All in all, the MPI training was one of the best peacebuilding trainings because it allowed me to go beyond my limitations and discover what is outside of my comfort zone.
Date of Posting: 28 November 2017
Posted By: Melbeth Aquino
Former Chairperson, Sarimbar Organization, Southern Christian College; 2017 Participant and Secretariat Volunteer;, Philippines
The MPI 2017 Annual Training was a blast! It was more than I expected. I never thought the training would be that impactful. As one of the youngest delegates, this experience gave me a clearer lens, insights, and skills on how I could respond and design conflict sensitive interventions/programs related to our advocacy. MPI is an effective venue to connect with other peacebuilders around the world despite differences. After MPI, I feel so empowered and have become more passionate. It brought me to be the better version of myself.
Date of Posting: 28 November 2017
Posted By: Rodolfo "Rod" M. Matucan, Jr.
Co-Founder, Memenguwed Alang sa Karinew (MASK), Organization/Movement of Young Peacebuilders in Mindanao; 2017 Participant;, Philippines
For me, the MPI training transcends my previous perceptions and worldview. MPI facilitators are confident and highly professional in their presentation of another parallel world to globalization –- a world where peace, justice, truth and reconciliation are the pillars of everything that happens in the physical realm. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be with other peacebuilders from around the world and I will do it again if I am granted the same opportunity in the near future.
Date of Posting: 24 November 2017
Posted By: Jack Francis Kairi
Deputy Director, Malaita Peace and Reconciliation Office, Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace; 2017 Participant, Solomon Islands
The mutual learning process of MPI provided me practical knowledge and skills of peacebuilding which definitely contributes to my work. I am really thankful that MPI created a safe and creative place to meet many friends aspiring for peace in their respective communities, and to share our feelings and experiences.
Date of Posting: 20 November 2017
Posted By: Yasuko Miyoshi
Program Officer, World Conference of Religions for Peace Japan; 2017 Participant, Japan
The best thing I‘ve learned in its multi-cultural, interfaith environment is how to create safe space for communication. I experienced a culture among the staff where participants‘ concerns were taken seriously and where intercultural sensitivity was practiced. I thought to myself that if diverse people from all over the world with different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and religions can live peacefully and harmoniously during this training, I believe that it is possible for the world to emulate the peace embodied at MPI.
Date of Posting: 20 November 2017
Posted By: Remilyn Mondez
Assistant Professor 3, Malayan Colleges Laguna; 2017 Secretariat Volunteer, Philippines
The three-week course has deepened my understanding of the importance of nurturing inner peace, without which external peace is irrelevant. My interaction with the facilitators and co-participants has helped me to strengthen my belief that one can build one's capacity to resist violence and challenge the war systems. As peacebuilders, we have incredible potential to work in small ways every day to make the world a peaceful place. Thank you, MPI, for sharpening my values for justpeace.
Date of Posting: 20 November 2017
Posted By: Seema Paul
Program Manager, Development Action Society; 2017 Participant, India
Coming to MPI and being part of the team to learn about peacebuilding was both a blessing and a challenge. Honestly, I went there with limited tools, but at the end of the three-week training, with the experiences of my classmates, friends and facilitators, I now have the right tools to make connections and make peace possible in the Solomon Islands.
Date of Posting: 03 October 2017
Posted By: Moses Aipuru
Chief Reconciliation and Peace Officer, Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace, 2017 Participant, Solomon Islands

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