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Group picture of all those involved in the visit to Manipur and some of the recipents

Christian Forum Dimapur Visits Manipur

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The Christian Forum Dimapur (CFD) visited Manipur on a peace mission and relief to Meithei.

CFD in collaboration with the Assemblies of God, the All Manipur Christian Organisation (AMCO) also, offered their support to reach out to the three Meithei relief camps and one Kuki relief camp at Kangpokpi respectively covering over 350 families.

This humanitarian effort showcased the essence of compassion, unity, and solidarity between the Kukies and Meithei respectively. The Christian Forum peace mission consists of Rev. Moses Murry, Chairman, Rev.S.Vitoshe Swu the vice president, Fr. Dr. C. P. Anto the Sec, Rev. Vangpong Phom member, and Rev. Kevihulie Pienyu the member. Most. Rev. Thomas Menamparampil Archbishop Emeritus from Guwahati too joined the peace mission.

Members of the visiting team with some of their relief goods with those from ManipurIn the first phase of the relief operation, the CFD worked in partnership with the Catholic Church through Peace Channel, Clarician congregation to buy the food provisions and camp kits, and Queen Mary Hr. Sec. School Mokokchung to buy the 12 channel ECG machine for the Kangpokpi Christian mission hospital. We also interacted and expressed our solidarity with the AMCO members along with Senapati Baptist church council and the Kuki tribal leaders.

In the second phase, the CFD Forum collaborated with the Assemblies of God of East India (AGEI) to reach out to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Meithei communities in the three relief camps. These initial phases demonstrated the CFD's commitment to assisting all communities, regardless of their backgrounds, and reinforced the message of inclusivity. In both phases, the team distributed medicine, food provisions like rice, oil, biscuits, sugar, and dhal, and the camp kits, which include mosquito nets, bed sheets, pillows and pillowcases, torch, bathing towels, and soap. In both phases around five relief camps, we could provide services.

Members of the delegation posing with signs: "stop the violence, save humanity" and "peace means unity and strength"Beyond the distribution of relief materials, the Christian Forum Dimapur also emphasized the significance of interaction with inter-religious groups and intellectuals of the Meithei communities. This aspect of the mission aimed to foster dialogue, understanding, and communal harmony, promoting the idea of peaceful coexistence among diverse religious and cultural groups.

The joint efforts of the CFD and AMCO demonstrated that religion can serve as a unifying force, transcending differences and promoting a shared commitment to humanitarian causes. By combining their resources and expertise, these organizations exemplified the potential of collective action in bringing relief to communities in distress.

The success of this peace mission not only brought tangible relief to the Kukies and Meithei but also served as a testament to the power of collaborative initiatives in achieving meaningful change in society. The compassion and dedication displayed by the Christian Forum Dimapur and its partners will likely inspire others to join hands in similar efforts, forging a path towards a more harmonious and empathetic world. The team also had a short interaction with the director of the Social Welfare Department, Manipur, Women Commission officials in Manipur, and the Manipur press respectively. The contributors were the following: Dimapur Sumi Baptist Church, Bethesda AG Church, Nagaland Christian Revival, Rengma Baptist Church, Dimapur baptist women Union, and individuals. We also thanked the AMCO for their assistance and support.