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Marlies Roth (far right back) with seven other members of MPI staff posing for a photo and mountains in background

Farewell Message from Marlies Roth

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Anna Gingco and Marlies Roth smiling and posing for a selfie in front of a stream and flowering shrubs.My time in the Philippines and as a member of the MPI team is ending soon. I will be returning home to Germany in December. I look forward to a new chapter in my life with family and friends in Germany, different seasons, traveling by bicycle and train, and enjoying more free time.

Marlies Farewell 1However, I also have bittersweet feelings about saying goodbye to my MPI colleagues and the wider MPI family. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with so many wonderful people during my time as MPI's Research, Documentation, and Learning Coordinator. I express my deep gratitude for the trust, friendship, and inspiration I have received from you over the past years.

Thank you for helping MPI achieve its vision of making the MPI peacebuilding network stronger and richer. It has indeed been a joy to witness the emergence of MPI alumni groups and clusters during my time with MPI. I am happy that my colleague, Anna Loren Gingco, with whom I have worked closely for more than two years, will continue the work of connecting MPI alumni and partners.


Marlies Farewell 3Marlies Farewell 4I hope we can meet again somewhere, sometime. In the meantime, please continue your work and commitment to peace, solidarity, and social justice.