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A poster for the 2023 annual peacebuilding training in Davao City, Philippines. The poster features a dove of peace flying in front the sun over a road going through green hills, with the text "Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute's 2023 Annual Peacebuilding Training" and "Forging the Path Towards Peace, The Journey Continues."

MPI 2023 Annual Peacebuilding Training Report

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We are excited to share with you the MPI 2023 Annual Peacebuilding Report. To all the participants and those who were part of it, take a moment to look back at the stories and history you've made with fellow peacebuilders from around the globe. It's an opportunity to relive the joy and learning you experienced during the 22nd Annual Peacebuilding Training. For those who were not able to join, this report gives you an idea of what you missed and inspires you to be part of the next one.

You may also pdf download the report as a PDF here (10.12 MB) .