Novee Rafaela

MPI’s New Annual Training Program Officer Novee Rafaela

MPI is pleased to announce that Novee Wila M. Rafaela has been hired as MPI's Annual Training Program Officer. Novee replaces the former Annual Training Program Officer, Rhea Silvosa, who left MPI to pursue a Master of Global Affairs – International Peace Studies degree at the University of Notre Dame in the USA.

Novee is a graduate of Southern Christian College (SCC) in Midsayap, Cotabato, Philippines, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Extension Education. After graduation in 2016, she worked as a part-time senior high and college teacher at SCC.

Novee is a lover of dance and the arts. Since 2012, she has been a “Peace Mover” with Move This World Philippines. Novee is also an alumni member of Junior Media Core Group (Media for Peace) and Teatro Mandanawi (Theatre for Peace), two program-based organizations under the Center for Media and the Arts/Office of the Vice-President for Research and Extension at Southern Christian College.

Novee is not new to MPI. She served as a secretariat volunteer during MPI’s 2017 Annual Peacebuilding Training. For two weeks, she assisted as the roving photographer, capturing pictures during weeks one and three. During the second week, Novee served as class assistant for Understanding Culture and Identity as a Resource for Peacebuilding.

Novee started in her position as Annual Training Program Officer at MPI in June of 2017. She had a number of weeks of overlap with Rhea to facilitate a smooth turnover. Novee is now in full gear preparing for MPI’s 2018 Annual Peacebuilding Training. Please help us welcome Novee to the MPI family around the globe.

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