MPI Welcomes Global Mission Fellow Mely Sabina E. Lengkong

MPI is please to welcome Global Mission Fellow with the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries Mely Sabina Lekong. Mely will be with MPI for about two years working in alumni outreach.

The following brief bio and picture are from the Global Ministries website:

Mely Sabina Ester LengkongMely is from Indonesia, where she is a member of GKI Kwitang, a large independent church in Jakarta. She holds a Bachelor of Social and Political Science degree from the Christian University of Indonesia in Jakarta, with an emphasis on international relations. She has worked in financial administration, marketing, and youth services. Mely is originally from Bekasi in East Bekasi/West Java.

Reading the Bible from start to finish as a young girl helped Mely to gain a positive outlook and patience in facing adversity. A major challenge came in relation to her desire to study international relations, an opportunity at first denied but which became possible through scholarship support from her local church.

Mely is committed to using her energy, knowledge, and skills to contribute to society and tell other people about the miracle-working love of God.

You can read about Mely's comissioning here.

See the full list of the class of 2017 - 2019 here.

Mely will arrive in the Philippines the first part of September. She will begin language school soon thereafter. Her work with MPI will start sometime in November.

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