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Learning, Growing and Nurturing: MPI’s Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program

“Knowledge needs to be shared”

The Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute Foundation, Inc. (MPI) began a new and innovative Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program with a workshop that on the first day emphasized the need for knowledge to be shared. Participants recognized that when sharing their skills and what they are good at, that knowledge is multiplied. Mentoring, while usually voluntary and unpaid, can bring about mutual learning experiences, as we support one another.

Ashok processing a floor diagram

M Manage the Relationship 
E Encourage 
N Nurture
T Teach 
O Offer Mutual Respect
R Respond to the Learners Need

MPI, along with the workshop’s co-facilitators, Gladston “Ashok” and Florina Xavier, developed and designed the program with the objective that grassroots peacebuilders who are working in the field would be able to enhance their mentoring ability. This will, in turn, strengthen the peacebuilding skills of their co-workers in their organizations and partners in the communities where they work.

Article About MPI Wins Award

An article about the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute that was published in Misioneros, a Spanish publication about the work of Maryknoll Missioners, won an award from the Catholic Press Association of the United States & Canada. The article, Un Refugio para Fomentar la Paz Mundial (A Refuge for Peacebuilding) took second place in the in the 2018 Awards, "Best Story and Photo Package."

Co-authored by Kimberly Asencio and Fred Goddard, the CPA wrote:

The topic of this story—the work of peace builders in the Philippines—is important and consequential. The translated
story is well illustrated, with a lovely, moody lead photograph and several photos that are used efficiently in a clean,
easy-to-read layout.

You may read the Spanish version here:

The English version can be found here:

MPI Welcomes Global Mission Fellow Mely Sabina E. Lengkong

MPI is please to welcome Global Mission Fellow with the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries Mely Sabina Lekong. Mely will be with MPI for about two years working in alumni outreach.

The following brief bio and picture are from the Global Ministries website:

Mely Sabina Ester LengkongMely is from Indonesia, where she is a member of GKI Kwitang, a large independent church in Jakarta. She holds a Bachelor of Social and Political Science degree from the Christian University of Indonesia in Jakarta, with an emphasis on international relations. She has worked in financial administration, marketing, and youth services. Mely is originally from Bekasi in East Bekasi/West Java.

Reading the Bible from start to finish as a young girl helped Mely to gain a positive outlook and patience in facing adversity. A major challenge came in relation to her desire to study international relations, an opportunity at first denied but which became possible through scholarship support from her local church.

Mely is committed to using her energy, knowledge, and skills to contribute to society and tell other people about the miracle-working love of God.

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Novee Rafaela

MPI’s New Annual Training Program Officer Novee Rafaela

MPI is pleased to announce that Novee Wila M. Rafaela has been hired as MPI's Annual Training Program Officer. Novee replaces the former Annual Training Program Officer, Rhea Silvosa, who left MPI to pursue a Master of Global Affairs – International Peace Studies degree at the University of Notre Dame in the USA.

Novee is a graduate of Southern Christian College (SCC) in Midsayap, Cotabato, Philippines, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Extension Education. After graduation in 2016, she worked as a part-time senior high and college teacher at SCC.

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Shaping the World

This article was originally published on the Elizabethtown College blog of MPI Facilitator Jon Rudy.

The Republic of Bendora is an island nation surrounded by lesser islands like Renbel, Kula, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Laos and Canada to name a few. Fictitious of course, Bendora is the name of one of the case study scenarios we used in the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI) Human Centered Security course. Our training design was hands-on and used made-up scenarios with real-world challenges. Newly designed to help those seeking to reframe security paradigms in their countries, this course tasked work groups to use conflict analysis and mapping skills. One starting assumption in Human Security include that nations are most secure when the needs of people (freedom from fear, freedom from want and respect for dignity) are the reference points (click on image for a larger map).

Bendora Island Map

This year at MPI we had a major delegation from the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation, and Peace in the Solomon Islands. During group work participants from five other countries tackled the Bendoran security issues which included clan tensions, an earthquake, outside meddling by foreign powers and weak governance. I observed that, in the minds of the participants, Bendora was imagined as an island nation among many other islands. The Bendoran mapping exercise proved the truism that our world is shaped by our perspective.

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