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Rogelio "Loloy" Cabiladas: 1955 – 2021

Rogelio "Loloy" Cabiladas: 1955 – 2021

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Rogelio "Loloy" Cabiladas on the far right in his class photo.

We at MPI are deeply saddened to learn of the sudden and early death of MPI alumnus Rogelio "Loloy" Cabiladas. He participated in MPI's 2005 Annual Peacebuilding Training and was an active leader in his Higaunon indigenous community. At the time of the training, Loloy was chairperson of the Dalipuga Barangay Council and City Legal Office – Barangay Mediation Panel/Taskforces on Environment and Political Boundary.

His son, Reoglio Cabiladas Jr., wrote the following poem in memory of his father/tatay:

Rogelio CabiladasParadise, called upon you
My heart broke, and now it's cold
Darkness swallowed your eyesight
As heavenly light unfold
And now I won't hear you
Or get your hand to hold
Fly away my beloved father
To lay and rest thy soul

Everything you did,
Only to love and care
No matter what happens,
Even if all yours is shared
Earthly treasures for you doesn't matter
For only goodness in you flared
You fight for love and truth
As you were never scared

Yes, You've given so much,
To the people that you love
Serve them in all ways
With all that you have
For that I thank you
Care for you as always would be
With all that I am
I love you Tatay for eternity

Now lay to rest,
rest in peace
For it's time for you to sleep I give you my goodnight kiss