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MPI's Alumni Outreach Assistant Mely Sabina E. Lengkong, along with several other MPI alumni, attended the regional workshop on "Violent Extremism and Religious Education." They also produced the following declaration:

Jakarta Declaration on “Violent Extremism & Religious Education”

Jakarta, 13 December 2017

We, participants of the regional workshop on “Violent Extremism and Religious Education,” from various countries in Southeast Asia and beyond;

Reaffirm that violent extremism has multi dimensions and religion is only one part of them;

Recall the document of Secretary General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism that underlines seven action priorities: (1) dialogue and conflict prevention; (2) strengthening good governance, human rights and rule of law; (3) engaging communities; (4) empowering youth; (5) gender equality and empowering women; (6) education, skills development and employment facilitation; and (7) strategic communications, the internet and social media;

Highlight participants’ concern that religion, particularly religious education, has untapped potential and resources for preventing violent extremism;

Acknowledge that while there are different contexts and changing dynamics across geographical lines and time frames, there is interconnection and shared aspirations on the need to strengthen religious education to prevent violent extremism;

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