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Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program

Through the Grassroots Peacebuilding Mentors Training Program, the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute Foundation, Inc. (MPI) seeks to enhance the mentoring ability of grassroots peacebuilders who are working in the field. Their peacebuilding skills will be multiplied, thus strengthening the organizations from which these grassroots peacebuilders come and reaching the community level. The project comprises training as well as guidance and accompaniment and is planned for a period of three years. The 10 pioneers in the first year are from Mindanao, Philippines. In the second year, there will be 10 grassroots peacebuilders from the Philippines and five from the Asia-Pacific Region, and in the third year, there will be 20 peacebuilders, 10 from Asia-Pacific and 10 from the Philippines, all coming for training and accompaniment.